Mauritius Zip Code

The zip code for Mauritius is simply: 742CU001  or    you ca put 00000 also – Note: 00230 is our phone code and NOT the zip code & that’s why when applying to adsense or any similar site asking for zip code you get errors.

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  1. sarah

    mais c pur kel ville?

  2. kizafair

    c pr ile maurice complement

  3. gheerish

    it is for the whole country ? i live at moka do i have a difference zip code?

    • osman

      You will not have a ZIP CODE but a 5 digit code is already introduced for your area MOKA kindly check with your local post Office (REDUIT) or with your postman


    • osman

      Dear Pamela, You do have a Postal Code-Kindly check with your Post Office to have your locality code. ZIP CODE does not exist for Mauritius. Regds

  5. i live at Vacoas, can i use the same zip code…

    • osman

      ZIP CODE does not exist nor will exist in Mauritius. However Post Code is being gradually introduced attaining about 60 per cent. This postal code is made of 5 numeric digits-the district code, the municipal area code or the village council area code-the ward code or the village code and finally the locality code E.G the post code of Poste La Fayette is 41519-the 4 is the district=Flacq,the 15 represents the Village of Poste de Flacq and the 19 stands for Poste La Fayette whereas 734 41 is the code for River Walk at Vacoas. Here 7=the district (Plaine Wilhems) 3=Municipality of Vacoas,the 4-the municipal Ward and finally 41 stands for River Walk. Check with your Post Office

  6. wenda

    le redoute france asking for code postale for quatre bornes..what is it

  7. kizafair

    @ wenda , Quatre bornes pena zip code sa .. met just 00000 ou 742cu001

  8. neshen

    can i have the zip code for beau bassin plz

  9. Mica

    The postal services of Mauritius are actually distributing the new postal codes for each region in the country. Check your mail box.

    La poss pé distribie bann code postal pou sak rezion moris. tchek zot bwat lett.

  10. Aman

    Can I have the zip code of Dubrueil

  11. deepa

    Hi I live in Ireland and would like to post a parcel in Mauritius, I live at ripailles the closest post office is at saint pierre, can I have the zip code please………….thanks

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